The Solution to Your Golf Bag Dilemma

Many things in life come in varying sizes.This includes your golf bags. You can find them in different shapes, sizes, colors, and functions. With the golf bags having so much to offer, it is not easy to decide on it.To get more information on the best golf bags, you can check out this website for reviews: 

Here are a few questions you could ask yourself that would help you decide on your golf bag. While golfing, are you going to carry your bag, roll it behind on wheels, or are you going to drive around in a cart?

Now,if you are one of those health freaks and you prefer walking, then you might want to consider buying walking golf club bags. These bags are made from light-weight materials. They will have padded straps incorporated in the bags so that they are comfortable and light while being carried. The bag will have enough space to hold all your golfing equipment such as: golf clubs, towels, golf balls, tees, markers, and beverages.

Some can even accommodate a tripod stand. This would help in keeping the walking golf bag in an upright position, thus keeping the golf bag safe from falling on the ground. So, the benefits of a walking golf club bag would be that a golfer can walk for miles comfortably, saving huge bucks, which he would have had to shell out on a rental golf cart and not to mention the benefits of the cardiovascular exercise he would be treating himself with.

If you do not want to strain your body with the weight of the golf bag, then you could opt for pull-along cart accessory. This accessory is typically equipped with 3 wheels and a separate section to keep the golf bag. They come with a handle to push the golf bag while walking across the golf course.

The third and the last type of bag would be cart bags. These types of golf bags are not meant to be carried;rather they must be strapped at the back of a golf-cart. Cart bags are carefully designed to store a lot of golf accessories. They are equipped with many pockets and dividers that will help you stay organized. They are made from a much heavier, durable material that could handle the bumps from the golf cart.

The right type of golf bag will help a golfer enjoy his game. So, make sure you know what you are in for before making a deal.

Transfer of Database from SQL Server to PostgreSQL

Both the PostgreSQL and Microsoft SQL Server are most the preferred RDBMS because of their popularity due to the fact that they have rich set of management tools and coding APIs. However, The Microsoft SQL Server possess a quite limiting licensing policy as well as very expensive cost of ownership whereas, the PostgreSQL comes with a much less limiting license and also, it an open source application. For this reason, many organizations and businesses give some thought to transferring their databases from SQL Server to PostgreSQL. However, the process of database transfer or migration includes:

Extract table classifications from the main database in line of DDL SQL statements

Transform or Convert all of these statements to the destination format and upload directly to the target database

Move data in the source database into a more reliable storage (for example, csv files)

Convert the data in line with the destination format and load it to the target database

Extract views, saved processes and triggers from SQL Server database in form of SQL statements and source code

Transform these statements and source code to the destination format and upload directly to the target database

As you can imagine, the process of transferring a database from MS SQL to PostgreSQL needs a lot of efforts when you are carrying out this process manually. Additionally, the risk of losing data or corruption as a result of human factor is very high. So, it is a good idea to make use of an exceptional software created for the purpose of automating the conversion process.

One among this kind of conversion software is the SQL to PostgreSQL created by Intelligent Converters. Intelligent Converters happens to be a frontier in the software industry since 2001. They specialize in providing solutions that covers database conversion, transfer or migration and synchronization.

The Intelligent Converters MS SQL to PostgreSQL software delivers exceptional result as a result of the direct reading and of writing data which has no middleware components or libraries. It also works with all models of SQL Server and PostgreSQL such as cloud solutions. This tool offers command line version so that you can easily automate processes and at the same time schedule database transformation.

Aside from enabling you to migrate data from SQL Server into new database, the MS SQL to PostgreSQL converter also gives you the opportunity to consolidate or synchronize with a pre-existing PostgreSQL database.

Are you looking for how to move only specific records from one database to another? Not a problem, the software gives you the opportunity to select data you need by using the SELECT queries. With this option, it is easy to pick out specific columns and records as well as convert the data prior to converting it into PostgreSQL format. Below are a few ways to which you can easily use this feature to achieve different goals.

1) Filtering records: SELECT * FROM TheTable WHERE UID < 100

2) Select and rename individual columns: SELECT clmn1 AS Name, clmn2 as Phone FROM MyTable

3) Skip NULL values: SELECT * FROM TheTable WHERE Address2 IS NOT NULL

Most time, it is recommended to modify the column type within the resulting database. To do this, the MS SQL to PostgreSQL converter comes with a feature named “custom column mapping”. This feature is a dialog window which enables you to alter name, type, default value and NULL-attribute in any column of table and also rule out specific columns from conversion.

When the target PostgreSQL server rejects remote connection, this software offers substitute to export the data into SQL script. In this process, the source database is exported into a local file that contains SQL-statements to create tables along with indexes and constraints which is later filled with the data.