5 Results of A Bad Search Engine Optimization

Undoubtedly, SEO Service gives a boost to your business but what if there is otherwise. How you should judge that the services you have opted for any agency are working on a right direction or not.

A Drop in your Web Traffic: When you see less number of visitors than usual, it’s the time to check the viability of the hired SEO service providing agency. There could be some other reasons too but definitely, the services are not working properly.

A Drop in your Ranking: Drop in ranking could be a result of many reasons. One should always keep a track of it but should never be obsessed. Speak to your service provider to know the actual reason.

Wrong Keyword Ranking: There are possibilities that your business is being ranked for wrong keywords which lead to a wrong positioning of your Brand. The SEO Service actually starts doing a negative marketing opposite to what it meant to be.

Suspicious Linkback on your link profile: There are possibilities that your site gets many questionable linkbacks from spammy websites. Any link profile of a business is the identity and signature on the Google which has to be clean. Such Suspicious links demean your web presence.

Manual Penalty: If you are to get a Manual penalty you will get a GWT notification or the same by an email for that which is alarming and bad for your business character in the space.

We very well know that technology and advancements come with their own side effects. Houston SEO Service has its own share of backfiring results if it is not handled properly. This hurts the company image badly. Be watchful for any such incidence especially if it has happened after the particular SEO service being opted. Be ready to take corrective measures proactively.

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